Art is joy. This text about my work offers a perspective on this joy.

In the last five-plus years I have intensely refined my artistic vision, and visual and textual vocabulary. This exercise and practice has evolved into a creative surveillance of sorts, finding the beauty in my local surroundings - physical and experiential - and expressing a view of it in subtle and evocative composition.

Continuing to build on my existing works concurrently in a variety of compositional milieu, I have further refined my artistic vision as inclusive of an expression of spatial and temporal memory; Addressing the importance of place as a part of experiencing human identity over time. I find a subtle symmetry in the beauty of a moment: representative of the accumulated experiences in each moment, particularly as we feel afresh that impact which reinforces previous and perhaps-future moments throughout our lives related to discreet and often specific locations. This "multifaceted" view informs my current digital collage work which is an ongoing exploration of these visual languages begun in 1996.

This creative process continues to be involved in the focused expression of the mystic experience as it represents itself in our personal human discourse. I further explore this in my art - particularly in recent poetry, photography and digital composition - directing my lens over the importance of time and place to intuitive perception. The notion of spatial memory, where experience and memory are tied to specific locations in a timeless way, feeds a deeply satisfying core human experience which lies just beyond the inter-relational. I have enjoyed a kind of gentle cajoling of psyche - my own and hopefully of my viewer - in representing notions only conceptually understood at a broader level of feeling, which are often blurred by the conscious process: common and important human sensibilities of joy that the rigors of life often obscure.

A lifetime artist, I have shown my work professionally since 1989. From January 2010 through May 2013, I worked as an artist and volunteer at Hayes Valley Farm. I continue to work artistically in the Urban Agricultural space, continuing to explore the impact of art more literally on space over time.