I have opinions about many things, from art and science to religion and politics. I do not mind sharing opinions, even briefly, and respect that they do not always need to be shared.

The Rolling Stones are worth the listneing and watching. Sad the price of a ticket makes the show "money" attending to look at "money" rather than coming togtether to appreciate the music.

The tragedy and destruction wreaked, during, and now in the aftermath of the 21st century Bush Presidency, saddens. The wild dog Terrorism was watched well for over 30 years.

The terrorist act is a frustrated communication effort, like a child's tantrum in a toy store. Violent reaction to the impasses of life, sometimes in response to religious or other supra-normal points-of-view out of harmony with the perceived equity of a personal situation. Vigilence will help to avoid the toy isle with the popular, too expensive gimmicks sure to provoke, but will not keep the peace as simply as the loving understanding that some things are not automatic entitlements. Some things are the reward for contributing, living and communicating well. Lashing out with unreasoning response lacks the constructive underpinnings of success necessary to achieve the sought prize, alienating the witness as well as the co-participant, willing or not. This is not to suggest that life is an automatic ideal where all is meet and fair, where impasses pass for justice lightly, or seem a deserved and simple learning experience. Rather that the gross injustice, even if as simple as a sought pleasure denied, especially when as difficult as a human right unavailable, is better mediated by concerted peaceful effort than by violence, in order that justice can be best served in the context of reality. Hence the sense in sharing, caring and developing good life skills. Hence the value and worth of the reward, right from privilidge as simpy as detante from status quo. Despite the method, self-defence differs from terrorism clearly - the ideals of desperate survival have an agenda crossing all boundaries of sect and place. Survival focus owns an unparalelled immedicay of world view that is missing in the sectarian exploits of terror..