My interests are fairly broad, extending beyond the points below. This is an introductory view of what keeps me thinking, what I grow with, and what I have to bring to the table.

I love the outdoors, hiking and nature, urban agriculture and wildlife. The panorama of nature's beauty inspires and delights as it challenges and rewards.

I am a fan of cultural things high and low. I read literature and pulp, enjoy classical and punk. "Now You See It" is the most recent film I enjoyed in a movie theater.

The Esoteric and Occult are long-term interests. I have been complimented on my native abiltiy with Tarot, cast the I-Ching and own a Lo-Pan (which I hope to properly translate at some point). I have read-up on Astrology and a variety of esoteric practices including Runes and Runic Poetry, The Ogham and Enochian Magick. My spiritual practices derive from, and are informed by, an intuitive Christian upbringing. I have studied Buddhism in fair depth from Dzogchen to the Crazy Wisdom.

I have a facility for language - software and spoken. I have self-teaching experiences with both, from watching foreign drama (capisco) to coding on-the-fly (ping).
These experiences undescore an ongoing interest in working with others in a productive co-teaching/coaching environment. Practice makes perfect, in AutoIt or French.

I am a N.E.R.T. volunteer and took my HAM Radio licence. The potential for intelligent development with GIS and Radio technology for Emergency Response tantalizes me.

I spend a fair ammount of time photographing, and have had my camera with me over extended periods. Art, including practicing my own, is a core interest. Ars Vita Est.

I am a confirmed San Franciscan, and I enjoy travel very much. My travelling companion, Muse, was an exemplary motorcycle touring partner - especially for a feline.

I like fun things that suitably ridicule the obviously vain idiosyncracies of the Social Norm, particulrly when they are amusing. I collected "Wacky Packs" as a child, these are some of them: